Who are you?

“I am (s)he as you are (s)he as you are me, And we are all together” (The Beatles). We are a group of individuals working together to explore modern meaning through our Jewish identity.

Do you want money?

Like a membership or something? No, we’re good. That’s not what this is about. We tend to prescribe to the “more money, more problems” ideal.

Where are you?

Technically? Cincinnati. And we’re starting here, but we hope to be wherever you find yourself thinking about your Jewish self. So bring us along and share your story with the community!

Why isn’t it http://www.myjewishlife.com ?

Great question! It’s pretty simple, somebody already bought that and, while they’re not using it, they want $3,000 for it. So we’re not buying it, but if you want to and then give it to us we’ll take it!

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